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All our packages include essential photography and videography services required for creating marketing materials. You won’t need to pay extra fees or go through the hassle of organizing separate photographers or videographers.

We offer support in English and Japanese, and we are also equipped to provide services in French and Spanish. We ensure a hassle-free marketing strategy, regardless of language differences.


In the United States, the average hourly wage for a Media Marketing Manager is $125. It’s important to note that this amount doesn’t include the expenses associated with materials such as photos and videos, which can add significant costs. We understand that these financial barriers can be challenging, especially for businesses in their early stages. That’s why we’ve created packages that make professional media marketing accessible, even during the early stages of your business. Please refer to the pricing for each package for more details.

100% Instagram

*Photography and video shooting for content.

*Complete original content design creation.

*Posting three photos every week.

*Daily story updates.

*Monthly Reel updates.

*Responding to DMs and managing reservation.

*Reposting tagged posts. Creating optimal descriptions.

$380 per month

Web site management

*Renewal of an existing website

*Updating photos in the gallery section.

*Weekly updates with the latest information (such as this week's recommendations).

*Sending out newsletters. *Managing reservation forms.

We also offer various additional options according to your specific requirements. If you are interested in creating a new website from scratch, please feel free to consult with us separately.

a one-year commitment or contract

$150 per month

2 Social media Package

You can choose any two of your favorite social media platforms, and we will provide tailored content for each:



*Google Maps


$420 per month

All-inclusive Package

*Full management of all desired social media platforms.

*Website management and renewal.

*Design creation for marketing materials, such as flyers (printing fees are separate).

*Photography and video recording at your business events.

*Full management of all desired social media platforms.

*Stocking and managing marketing materials.

*Creation of menus and product catalogs. Newsletter publication.

$580 per month