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Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, in Japan. Studied Development Economics and Entrepreneurship at Kwansei Gakuin University. Developed an interest in photography during university, where I traveled to developing countries as a backpacker with a single-lens reflex camera. After graduation, I worked at a photo studio for 2 years. Following that, I became a member of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers and stayed in the Republic of Benin, then moved to France. Currently based in Saint Martin (Caribbean Islands) under French jurisdiction and Florida, pursuing activities there.

I specialize in individual customer services, offering kimono portraits and commemorative photography. With 11 years of experience, I have been working as a portrait photographer.

Starting from 2020, I have been leveraging the marketing knowledge acquired during university. I use my own taken photographs for social marketing and run a business that supports local businesses.

Transmitting emotions from visuals to feelings.

Photographs are an investment in the future. Their value increases as time goes by.

In the eyes of a photographer, alongside the actual images captured, there’s a simultaneous vision of the photographs after the editing and post-processing (retouching) has been done. Within these post-processed images, I can see the atmosphere of the moment—how the clients felt, how their happiness overflowed. Packed within these images are emotions that can tell the story of that time, not only to the clients themselves but also to their descendants who may come into existence decades later, even in a future we might never be a part of. Creating these items that convey the essence of those moments, along with the emotions, is what I believe embodies the professionalism of a photographer.