Bringing Closer the Feeling of Having Roots in Japan! Manami Inc. offers on-location kimono photoshoots anywhere across the United States, providing an opportunity to experience the essence of your Japanese heritage.

Bringing Artistic Photography to every life events! We capture vibrant photographs that vividly recall the moments from the time of the shoot, even a decade or a century later. Preserving colorful photographs that evoke memories of the past for years to come.​

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We will capture photos with event-specific designs at various parties and instantly transfer them to your customers. With event-branded photos that attendees can instantly share on social media, it's perfect for corporate events and wedding parties.


Photos and videos are the most powerful tools in business marketing! Experienced social media marketers and professional photographers collaborate to create captivating content. Let's seize the opportunity to stand out from the competition and make a difference.

Capture Moments, Create Memories

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Why Choose Us?

Experienced photography techniques

At its core lies vibrant photography captured by an 11-year-experienced photographer.

Attentive customer care

By providing a dedicated coordinator for each client, we prioritize our engagement with you from the initial contact all the way through photo delivery.

Customized photography methods to suit your specific needs.

For photography intended for business use, we offer the most suitable shooting methods and photo styles tailored to your specific objectives.

Our office & studio are located in FL​​

While our primary focus is on on-location photoshoots across the United States, our office and photography studio are based in Pembroke Pines, Florida.


7313 NW 18th Ct, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024-1007, USA​

Office Opening Hours​

Weekdays - From 10am to 5pm Weekend - Only for photo shooting







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