Kimono caravan

Your familiar town, the frequently visited park.

Capture the memories in your cherished town with a kimono photoshoot!

Included in the Photography Package


Kimono Rental Fee​

The plan includes the rental of a complete kimono set for one outfit. Additionally, for those interested in kimono photoshoots with siblings, couples, or family members dressed in matching attire, optional additional rentals are available.


Dressing Assistance

A dedicated photographer skilled in kimono dressing will be there to assist with the kimono dressing. Even in areas without a dedicated kimono dresser, you can still enjoy kimono photoshoots with ease.



An experienced photographer well-versed in kimono photoshoots will guide you through the unique gestures and poses of wearing a kimono, capturing your natural expressions along the way.


25 High-Resolution Photographs

You can choose your favorite 25 photos from the captured images. These selected photos will undergo basic retouching, and the final set will be delivered approximately 2 weeks after the photoshoot.


Travel Fee

Kimono Caravan offers a photography package inclusive of the photographer’s travel fee, so there are no additional charges for travel added to the plan price.


Family Photoshoot

In addition to individual portrait sessions in kimono, the package also includes group photoshoots with siblings, family, and friends. We encourage everyone to join and be part of the experience.

Basic Price for CaravaN

Starting from $680

Note 1: The base fee may vary depending on the destination of the Caravan. We have announced the base fee for each destination, so please feel free to inquire.

Note 2: If you have additional requests for extra kimonos or a different number of delivered photos, these will be added to the base fee as optional charges.

Next Caravan is ......

Dallas & Austin


Texas has always been a popular location for our shoots, and we are excited to add Austin to the list this time!

We recommend booking early as spots fill up quickly.