Timeless Elegance Unveiled

Being overseas makes it even more special to celebrate your memories in a kimono, a timeless symbol of beauty.


Don’t give up on kimono photoshoots just because you live in a different region! With this sentiment in mind, we initiated the Kimono Caravan.

Our photographers travel with kimonos to various parts of America, so take the opportunity when the Caravan comes to your area to enjoy a kimono photoshoot!

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※Please note that prices may vary depending on the region.


A plan tailored for customers who want to schedule a kimono photoshoot for special occasions like birthdays or special events.

Completely customized, you can decide the date, time, number of photos, and more. Enjoy the convenience of an on-location kimono photoshoot according to your preferences.

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※ Please note that the specific details of your requests may result in changes to the price.

Photo Shoot

For customers who prefer a comfortable photoshoot unaffected by weather or heat, we invite you to visit our studio!

At our home-studio in Pembroke Pines, Florida, you can enjoy the convenience of changing into your kimono, the photoshoot, and selecting your photos, all in one place.